Meaning of microphagic in English:




See microphagous

‘The role of paracrine signals such as microphagic cytokines in CL aging remains to be elucidated.’
  • ‘McCormick et al. found that macrophagic omnivore percent was more responsive to sedimentation than total or microphagic omnivores.’
  • ‘P. maraena is a microphagic omnivore, and stomachs sampled contained principally cladocerans, algae and small insects.’
  • ‘Available dietary data (178 individuals from the Noosa River and Spitfire Creek, Moreton Island) indicate that N. oxleyana is a microphagic carnivore.’
  • ‘The ultrastructural features of the foregut, with the presence of a mucus trapping mechanism, a relatively well-developed filter system and associated structures, and an esophagus lacking glands confirm the microphagic feeding habits of mystacocarids.’