Meaning of microphotograph in English:


Pronunciation /mʌɪkrə(ʊ)ˈfəʊtəɡrɑːf/


  • A photograph reduced to a very small size.

    ‘Readers of this book will find concise legends accompanying the illustrations and a very comprehensive collection of gross photographs and microphotographs of all body systems.’
    • ‘The Los Angeles Times ran the story on the 25th (front page below the fold) and used three microphotographs from the Science article.’
    • ‘Some chapters provide black-and-white microphotographs that illustrate the morphologic features of the diseases.’
    • ‘His data on these matters are accentuated here by dozens of Rasmussen's microphotographs.’
    • ‘The images of endosperm without an aleurone layer were prepared by tracing cell contours on a transparent sheet from the microphotograph, and were digitized by a scanner and transformed into a binary image.’
    • ‘Figure 14 is a microphotograph of a typical area on an Edison cylinder recording.’
    • ‘In this microphotograph of the anterior horn region of spinal cord, you see one of the characteristic findings of polio in its early stages - perivascular infiltrates of neutrophils.’
    • ‘A display device superimposes the scan magnetic field image on a scan laser microphotograph on a screen, so it is possible to perform defect inspection on the semiconductor device chip.’
    • ‘Another characteristic feature of many of the viral encephalitides is the glial nodule which is illustrated on this microphotograph.’