Meaning of microphotographic in English:



See microphotograph

‘The microphotographic device is fastened on the microscope in place between the body and binocular attachment.’
  • ‘Preservation microfilm is a microphotographic reproduction of an information resource originally available in paper or other format.’
  • ‘The invention relates to a microphotographic apparatus which superimposes one set of film format markings on an image recorded by a film type held by a camera attachment.’
  • ‘After the ocular lens is removed, direct readings can then be made through the microscope or microphotographic unit.’
  • ‘Copies of any newspaper, or part thereof made by the photographic or microphotographic process deposited in any public library or a library of any college or university located in the commonwealth, shall, when duly certified by the person in charge thereof, be admitted in evidence equally with the originals.’