Meaning of microphyll in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪkrə(ʊ)fɪl/


  • A very short leaf, such as in a moss or clubmoss, with a single unbranched vein and no leaf gaps in the stele.

    ‘Are the leaves microphylls as in lycopsids or megaphylls?’
    • ‘The microphyll has only a single unbranched strand of vascular tissue, or vein, whereas megaphylls, found in other plants with leaves, have multiple veins, usually branching one or more times within the leaf.’
    • ‘The only lineage that has survived is the horsetails, which are herbaceous and share characters with their extinct progenitors such as articulate stems with microphylls arranged in whorls.’
    • ‘The extension of the vascular system into the flaps of tissue creates a true leaf, in this case a microphyll.’
    • ‘Many groups (Lycopodiaceae is an exception) have a ligule or small flap of tissue adaxially above each microphyll, or its homologous sporophyll.’