Meaning of microscopist in English:


Pronunciation /mʌɪˈkrɒskəpɪst/


See microscopy

‘Interference can act over great distances and still beguiles geneticists, microscopists, and mathematicians alike.’
  • ‘Most microscopists held that the blood of different mammals could not be differentiated, and so were reluctant to testify when a defendant's life might be at stake.’
  • ‘Since techniques of observation were largely undeveloped, many microscopists were not certain precisely what it was they were to look for, nor of the nature of their subjects.’
  • ‘During the winter of 1960-1961, Eduard Kellenberger, a leading electron microscopist from Geneva, came to Caltech for a time and helped us get our gene physiology studies started.’
  • ‘The nuclei of the mononuclear cells thus exhibit no pattern to the microscopist, appearing to be randomly distributed within a field of cytoplasm lacking organelles or membranes that can be visualized with the usual tissue stains.’