Meaning of microseismic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmʌɪkrəʊˈsʌɪzmɪk/



See microseism

‘Corrections have to be made for such things as the frictional and buoyancy effects of the residual gases in the chamber, and for microseismic activity, which accelerates the entire instrument.’
  • ‘When waves hit the shores of North America, all over the edges of the continent, they collectively produce a low reverberation roughly every six seconds, a microseismic growl that peaks at 0.16 hertz.’
  • ‘These microseismic events are recorded on surface using the Paladin data acquisition system.’
  • ‘The inset shows a map view of multi stage microseismic events for two deviated wells.’
  • ‘Microseismic monitoring has a role to play because the failure of the rock strata causes microseismic emissions.’