Meaning of microsomal in English:




See microsome

‘These include cytosolic, mitochondrial, vacuolar, and particulate forms, with the particulate forms being further subdivided into those present in microsomal membranes, plasma membranes, and lipid bodies.’
  • ‘It was present in the cytosolic as well as microsomal fractions, and assays with a series of substrates indicated that the enzymes in the each compartment had a different specificity.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, slight increases in the sister chromatid exchanges frequencies have been found mainly in the absence of the S9 microsomal fraction in the in vitro assays.’
  • ‘Tests were performed with and without metabolic activation by the microsomal mixed function oxidase system.’
  • ‘Protein was determined in both microsomal and cytosolic fractions using the Lowry procedure.’