Meaning of micrurgy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪkrəːdʒi/


mass nounBiology
  • The manipulation of individual cells under a microscope.

    ‘To make a more quantitative study of nuclear protein, a combination of tritium labeling, autoradiography, and micrurgy was performed with the amoeba cultures.’
    • ‘These spectacles are useful in endoscopic micrurgy, various medical fields, in jewelry, electronics, dentistry, and for making precision assemblies and the like.’
    • ‘In recent years such high-precision instruments have been developed, and microsurgery on cells, known as micrurgy, has become an important part of the study of protoplasm.’
    • ‘The agar gel apparently replaces the medium that evaporates, and there is no damage to the cells during the period required for micrurgy.’
    • ‘A strain of large, free-living amoeba that became dependent on bacterial endosymbionts which had infected the amoebae initially as intracellular parasites, was studied by micrurgy and electron microscopy.’


1920s from micro- ‘small’ + Greek -ourgia ‘work’.