Meaning of mid-air in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪdɛː/


  • A part or section of the air above ground level or above another surface.

    ‘the plane exploded in mid-air’
    • ‘a mid-air collision’
    • ‘One intact wreck is of a Firefly aircraft lost in 1956 after a mid-air collision and found recently in silty water.’
    • ‘Warfield says she doesn't see much risk of a mid-air collision taking place.’
    • ‘It was responsible for the mid-air collision last month between a cargo plane and a Russian airliner.’
    • ‘It should have been a flight to a new start in a new country - but it ended in jail after a drunken mid-air rampage.’
    • ‘Dazzling mid-air manoeuvres were a feature of some of the more dramatic otherworldly episodes.’
    • ‘The mid-air drama was not the first mishap to afflict the passengers.’
    • ‘No weapon was involved in the mid-air incident and no one was injured.’
    • ‘A top transport official, speaking soon after the crash, ruled out a mid-air explosion.’
    • ‘A funny bit of irony resulted from the mid-air debate that was sparked by the sight of my cropped hair.’
    • ‘Once on the move some warmth soon returned, and we were soon enjoying the mid-air acrobatics that this route provides.’
    • ‘The missile successfully completed a mid-air manoeuvre and hit a decommissioned ship.’
    • ‘The mid-air catch manoeuvre has been resurrected from the days of the Cold War.’
    • ‘For a moment he was in mid-air, hanging far above ground, and that's when he made his move.’
    • ‘You have to direct them to a proper elevation and speed so as not to cause mid-air collisions.’
    • ‘However, as it turned out in practice the hastily drafted law leaves many problems hanging in mid-air.’
    • ‘Just two jumps remained in the snowboard cross event when she unnecessarily grabbed her board in mid-air and tumbled to the ice.’
    • ‘The first thing one sees when approaching the dance studio is a hanging apple, suspended in mid-air.’
    • ‘Viewed from a distance in dark surroundings, it looked as though the words were mysteriously floating in mid-air.’
    • ‘Three safety nets are also in operation to prevent mid-air crashes.’
    • ‘I'll accelerate as hard as I can, drive up a ramp and flip the car over in mid-air.’