Meaning of mid-roll in English:



  • An online video advertisement which plays in the middle of a video that has been selected for viewing.

    ‘every video viewed had a pre-roll or a mid-roll’
    • ‘mid-roll ads are easy to insert’
    • ‘It allows viewers to choose their method of advertising: pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll.’
    • ‘A new study argues that viewers are most likely to complete "mid-roll" ads.’
    • ‘Wibbitz's team connects to the publisher's ad server and allow pre-roll, mid-roll and overlay of in-stream ads so it can be used as premium inventory.’
    • ‘"The mid-roll podcast ads, in which a host reads aloud a sponsored message before or during the show, are likely Slate's most expensive advertising impressions."’
    • ‘Programmers and pay-TV service providers can increase the amount of ad inventory by reducing the complexities of mid-roll advertising.’
    • ‘Pre-roll volume increased 45% and mid-roll increased 60%.’
    • ‘Long-form viewers are most likely already in a mindset of accepting mid-rolls.’
    • ‘Pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls, as well as banner overlays, will all be supported.’
    • ‘On the live stream, there are pre-roll and mid-rolls.’