Meaning of middelmannetjie in English:


nounplural noun middelmannetjies

South African
  • A ridge between the wheel ruts of an unsurfaced road.

    ‘the car has a high clearance so is easy to drive on roads with high middelmannetjies’
    • ‘The front wheel seemed to be stuck on the middelmannetjie with the back wheel changing lanes over it.’
    • ‘The roads have high middelmannetjies, which tough 4x4s with high ground clearance can handle.’
    • ‘The middelmannetjie is high enough in some places that we had to choose alternate paths.’
    • ‘As the grass in the middelmannetjie was almost shoulder high, we stopped every few kilometres to check the vehicles as a precaution against fire.’
    • ‘Right at the end, a severe axle twister with a high middelmannetjie can only be conquered by vehicles with high ground clearance.’



/ˈmɪd(ə)lˌmanəki/ /ˈmɪd(ə)lˌmanətʃi/


Afrikaans, literally ‘little man in the middle’.