Meaning of middle-aged in English:


Pronunciation /mɪdəlˈeɪdʒd/

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  • 1(of a person) aged about 45 to 65.

    ‘the crowd was predominantly middle-aged’
    • ‘the last-gasp ambitions of the middle-aged’
    • ‘Extreme sports has become shorthand for "cool" to middle-aged filmmakers obsessed with wealth.’
    • ‘In the title painting, we see two middle-aged men shaking hands.’
    • ‘She was just a handsome middle-aged lady having lunch with a friend in Beverly Hills.’
    • ‘He was a middle-aged good ol' boy from Oklahoma who ran a barber shop with a candy-striped pole revolving out in front.’
    • ‘It looks like the exhibition résumé of a middle-aged, internationally successful artist.’
    • ‘He still looks remarkably buff for an embittered, middle-aged alcoholic.’
    • ‘Scratch the surface of the middle-aged techie, and there lies a seething monster.’
    • ‘The young are in debt mortgaged up to the hilt, and the middle-aged are in clover, sitting on a semi-detached gold mine.’
    • ‘Clothing stores aimed at the middle-aged will be looking for nostalgic tracks from their customers' adolescence.’
    • ‘They try to reach out to younger customers without alienating the middle-aged beer drinkers who are their core customers.’
    1. 1.1Characteristic or typical of middle-aged people.
      ‘a novel about middle-aged angst’
      • ‘He finds a way into the heart of the middle-aged experience, from all kinds of angles.’
      • ‘The subdued lighting of the interior scenes certainly helped to enhance the middle-aged beauty of the beautifully poised Lady Dedlock.’
      • ‘It's a rich and suggestive work that contrasts the middle-aged disillusion of the professor with his memories of his favorite student.’
      • ‘It stuck the whole monsters-of-rock vibe way to the back, behind the fallibility and even behind the middle-aged anger of three multimillionaire dads.’
      • ‘It's not just moms and dads fighting the middle-aged spread who are rushing to sign on the dotted line of membership forms.’
      • ‘She was nominated for her role in the middle-aged love story Something's Gotta Give.’
      • ‘They decided to shrug off the middle-aged image for the Corolla and displayed the Corolla XRS.’
      • ‘Strip away the money and the middle-aged hang-ups, and the dynamics of rock-and-roll bands bear a striking similarity to those of a dysfunctional adolescent gang.’
      • ‘These kisses are presented as fulfilling, not as the middle-aged lust dismissed by Hamlet in Shakespeare's play.’
      • ‘They sum it up as a craze about the middle-aged crisis of meaning for a coterie of Yale Law School graduates and their confused friends.’