Meaning of middle-ranking in English:


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  • Having an intermediate rank or position in a particular hierarchy.

    ‘even middle-ranking corporate financiers were making £2m to £5m’
    • ‘The delegation comprised three middle-ranking officials from the Blood Transfusion Services Board, including one woman.’
    • ‘He told me that many middle-ranking officers are openly questioning the war.’
    • ‘While she would probably be a perfectly adequate middle-ranking minister, all the evidence is that she is just not up to a spot in the leadership group.’
    • ‘At the time he was a middle-ranking civil servant in Whitehall.’
    • ‘His Cabinet reshuffle largely involved middle-ranking and junior members of his ministerial team.’
    • ‘The failure of the attack was blamed on middle-ranking commanders - some of whom were sacked.’
    • ‘A small and far from opulent country, Scotland remained a middle-ranking European power.’
    • ‘Senior or middle-ranking safety officers or managers in the rail company are accused of having "little or no hands-on operating railway experience or expertise".’
    • ‘He was asked to focus on medical reform and the job futures of middle-ranking doctors.’
    • ‘As a live music venue for middle-ranking acts, it has always delivered.’
    • ‘She is a middle-ranking executive for Barrow-in-Furness council.’
    • ‘He carved out a decent career as a middle-ranking actor.’
    • ‘Of course, the top schools remain very strong, but the middle-ranking and very small schools may suffer.’