Meaning of middle age in English:

middle age

Pronunciation /ˌmɪdl ˈeɪdʒ/

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mass noun
  • The period after early adulthood and before old age, about 45 to 65.

    ‘The circumambulation also signifies the four stages of life, namely childhood, youth, middle age and old age.’
    • ‘Both in middle age and old age the death rates were significantly higher in smokers than in non-smokers.’
    • ‘Now he has emerged into early middle age and discovered that his life may have been adversely affected by early exposure to feminism.’
    • ‘His professional longevity is especially remarkable in an area where so many people are on the scrapheap in early middle age.’
    • ‘An extremely large lady of early middle age, she occupied two seats.’
    • ‘By this time a woman in early middle age, she has created a new life for herself, far from the scenes of her miserable upbringing.’
    • ‘She is in early middle age and walks as if she has books on her head.’
    • ‘As a child, Borges was acutely myopic and he went blind in early middle age.’
    • ‘By creating a pattern of youth, middle age and dotage, people were expected to conform to it.’
    • ‘In the 1950s many men took up smoking in adulthood or even middle age.’
    • ‘High blood pressure that occurs even as early as middle age can lead to dementia in later years.’
    • ‘This error dilutes male risk of coronary heart disease, which is substantial even in early middle age.’
    • ‘Don't we learn this as we pass from youth to young middle age?’
    • ‘According to his research, people feel that middle age begins at 49 and old age sets in at 65.’
    • ‘By all outward appearances, Tanner conforms to the image of a former tennis star in the second set of middle age.’
    • ‘The other burning issue of the week appears to be the emergence of second childhood in your middle age.’
    • ‘I looked up and there was a woman in her late middle age leaning out of the second floor window of the house.’
    • ‘I'm in the thirteenth year so the things done early are coming up to at least middle age.’
    • ‘In middle age he took a great interest in early music, more from the point of view of the arranger than of the scholar.’
    • ‘In middle age I trained as a teacher and lived and worked abroad.’