Meaning of Middle Eastern in English:

Middle Eastern

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  • Relating to or characteristic of the Middle East or its inhabitants.

    ‘he was of Middle Eastern descent’
    • ‘spicy Middle Eastern food’
    • ‘One of the most unusual orders we have received was to supply 100 kilograms of our wild smoked salmon to the wedding reception of a Middle Eastern prince.’
    • ‘He was of Middle Eastern decent.’
    • ‘When we combine reduced air travel with other forms of cutbacks in oil consumption, we will help to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and conserve the planet.’
    • ‘A reception and informal concert of Middle Eastern music follow the lecture.’
    • ‘Middle Eastern women have historically used henna to paint designs on their hands and feet.’
    • ‘It's a wild night of Middle Eastern dance, music and culture.’
    • ‘The culinary experience has been enriched with the fusion of local ingredients mixed with Middle Eastern and East Indian flavours.’
    • ‘The menu also includes Middle Eastern kebabs with lamb, beef or chicken.’
    • ‘Middle Eastern spices have a strong influence on his cooking.’
    • ‘As I draw near, I can smell the scent of Middle Eastern spices wafting in the wind.’