Meaning of middle game in English:

middle game


  • The phase of a chess game after the opening, when all or most of the pieces and pawns remain on the board.

    ‘the ability to make long-range plans is at a premium in early middle game’
    • ‘No wonder I lose so many games in the middle game.’
    • ‘An attack against a castled King is a very important part of the middle game, perhaps the most important part.’
    • ‘He created several original opening ideas, often shocked his opponents with risky and unusual moves in the middle game and scored many points by grinding down players in long endgames.’
    • ‘Tables turned twice in the middle game, and in the end Gallagher was given numerous chances to clinch his first victory of the tournament.’
    • ‘The Indian had some advantage during the middle game but he allowed his opponent to exchange pieces and the game ended in a draw in 37 moves.’
    • ‘In a normal chess game, rooks are tucked in the edge of the board and come into play after castling and are exchanged off or captured only in the middle game.’
    • ‘Because a computer relies on a strictly mathematical, brute force approach in the middle game it can see only a limited number of moves in advance and is oblivious to patterns or general manoeuvres.’
    • ‘Despite a computer's raw calculating power, human intelligence can still outwit the machines during the middle game.’