Meaning of middle management in English:

middle management


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mass noun
  • The managers in an organization at a level between senior and junior managers.

    ‘Despite growing evidence showing that downsizing middle management may reduce organizational flexibility and innovation, executives still appear to make this a frequent practice.’
    • ‘Not only may there be differences of level within broad occupational categories - such as those between senior and middle management - but the kinds of enterprises in which people work have great significance.’
    • ‘Our immediate intervention was to strengthen the capacity of senior and middle management in the revenue department.’
    • ‘The company prides itself on an organization that is nearly devoid of middle management and values freedom for engineers and their work.’
    • ‘On the labour front, a study recently released by the Labour Resource and Research Institute found that males - and particularly white males - still dominate senior and middle management.’
    • ‘The model contributes to at least three different research streams: research on organizational change, the social psychology of emotion, and middle management.’
    • ‘Everyone wanted to get an MBA so they could be in upper middle management.’
    • ‘Steps implemented so far by the company include reviews of human resource policies, informing employees of the programme and addressing gender balance in top and middle management.’
    • ‘The first potential culprit is middle management.’
    • ‘An option deal is available for middle management.’
    • ‘There are some clear differences between retention at the younger level and middle management, and at the very senior levels who have the direct reports.’
    • ‘Within three months, she was boosting the responsibilities associated with entry-level positions, stripping out middle management, and pulling certain analyst jobs into the department.’
    • ‘Obviously, new operations will generally bring in top-level management from the countries that are investing, but you also need to utilize as much of the local population as possible for middle management and labor.’
    • ‘Having risen through the ranks into middle management, Brown holds a position as a product development technician, fitting and testing new products in the hosiery division.’
    • ‘Because there is no middle management, patient care costs less, the savings are passed on to patients and insurance companies, and the business still has healthy profit margins.’
    • ‘Like most businesses, we'd gotten rid of middle management in the 1980s, partly because we couldn't afford it anymore and partly because we didn't need it.’
    • ‘Over the past two years, he has orchestrated an ambitious overhaul, slashing costs, shuttering facilities, and cutting layers of middle management.’
    • ‘What does a former English professor with only a decade's experience in middle management have to say to the mainstream business-book audience?’
    • ‘I have friends who've been in middle management and been laid off.’
    • ‘Despite those efforts, the company concedes that gaps in middle management still exist.’