Meaning of middle name in English:

middle name

Pronunciation /ˌmɪdl ˈneɪm/

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  • 1A person's name placed after the first name and before the surname.

    ‘We argued for several minutes coming up with possible first names but no middle names to go with them.’
    • ‘She claimed she hated his first name and his middle name, Robert, was easily shortened to something she thought was much more preferable, so that's what she called him.’
    • ‘Our children will have 2 middle names, my last name being the second, and his last name.’
    • ‘In Spanish-speaking countries, a man takes on his mother's maiden name as a last name, but uses the patronym as the middle name and the official name.’
    • ‘Later, they had that boy and they made his middle name my father's first name, which left me stranded as the inappropriately named child in the bunch.’
    • ‘The common practice of mixed parents here seems to be to give any offspring a western first name and a Japanese middle name.’
    • ‘I always went by my middle name, since my first name was so stupid.’
    • ‘So instead of having the same byline on all the articles, she created an alter ego by using her first name and married name for one byline and middle name and maiden name for another.’
    • ‘Balking at the double-barrelled option, our own compromise was to give them my surname as a middle name, so at least my family connection is maintained.’
    • ‘Just take your middle name and add the name of the street you grew up on.’
    • ‘I still have an issue with the man using his middle name as a surname, especially as he appears to have given his wife not only a surname, but a middle name too, which is going a bit far.’
    • ‘I feel only slightly luckier that I was given my dad's name as my middle name rather than my mum's.’
    • ‘Our birth names were kept as our middle names because our new names were not only our creation, but part of our history, too.’
    • ‘When he did, it came up with my full name - including my middle names - and my phone number.’
    • ‘It started with me finding some birth certificate with all these extra middle names added to my name.’
    • ‘I cursed the name that mocked my nature, and contemplated using my Christian name rather than my middle name, but negated the idea as soon as it popped into my head.’
    • ‘Night after night, he correctly answered brain teasers like naming the two U.S. Presidents whose middle names are also the last names of two other Presidents.’
    • ‘If that still does not work then use your middle name, or your last name.’
    • ‘Well, nobody should call anyone by their middle names when there are perfectly good first names.’
    • ‘We had long since decided that he was picking middle names that went with the first names we picked out.’
    slogan, motto, maxim, axiom, dictum, mantra, catchword, watchword, formula, cry, battle cry, rallying cry
    1. 1.1A quality for which a person is notable.
      ‘optimism is my middle name’
      • ‘As straight and honest as the day is long, with integrity his middle name, he has embellished politics for half a century and more.’
      • ‘Discretion is my middle name, but let's just say it was a multi-tin deal.’
      • ‘Discretion is not their middle name and they give such a fiery display as to be considered suitably decorative for pot plant use.’
      • ‘By the way, incongruity is the middle name of this insipid film with characters too many and too sketchy and actors short of work or talent, or both.’