Meaning of Middle Persian in English:

Middle Persian


mass noun
  • The Persian language from c.300 BC to AD 800.

    See also Pahlavi

    ‘Islam came to Iran long after the lurch from Old Persian to Middle Persian, and heavy lexical borrowing does not entail structural reduction and usually occurs without it (witness Australia).’
    • ‘Two books written in Middle Persian from the Sassanide dynasty are left in which Parthian words are seen.’
    • ‘Its grammar is simpler than that of Middle Persian, and it has absorbed a vast Arabic vocabulary.’
    • ‘But in the west, Middle Persian and sister Parthian are suddenly Englishes - inflections vastly fallen away.’
    • ‘More works are preserved in Middle Persian than in Parthian; these include inscriptions, books, tracts, and epistles.’
    • ‘He believes this may explain why Kharoshthi writing in northwest India borderlands developed as an alphabetic language using Aramaic script while Middle Persian developed as an ideographic system.’
    • ‘Grammatically, much simplification of inflection took place in Middle Persian, which was recorded both in an Aramaic alphabet and a script called Huzvaresh.’