Meaning of middle way in English:

middle way


  • 1A policy or course of action which avoids extremes.

    ‘there is no middle way between central planning and capitalism’
    • ‘We have tried to get a middle way - a balanced course - and we have obviously come down for bringing in 4 weeks annual leave in 2007.’
    • ‘In the Antigonish Movement, the tradition situates consumer co-operatives as enterprise models that, practically and ethically, represent a middle way between the two extremes.’
    • ‘A supporter of modernism at the beginning of the 1930s, by the middle of the decade he began to have doubts, writing in praise of architecture that offered a middle way between extremes of modernism and traditionalism.’
    • ‘His slogans and programs appeared to offer a middle way between the extremes of communism and a discredited liberal capitalism.’
    • ‘Goldberg set out to make a middle way between these polarized extremes.’
    • ‘Not for him the middle way or the ‘triangulation’ of policies between conflicting views of right and wrong.’
    • ‘Some ministers with more subtlety might have gilded the lily a little - arguing for balance or the middle way.’
    • ‘It's good to see the clubs are trying to find a middle way that will ensure a compromise that is in the greater good of Scottish rugby.’
    • ‘I want politicians who are able to compromise, admit they may be wrong and negotiate a middle way.’
    • ‘And the liberals of the nineteenth century were saying exactly the same thing: that society really needed to find a middle way between the greed of unbridled capitalism and the conformity that came out of a kind of trade union movement.’
    • ‘We should take the middle way to make everybody happy.’
    • ‘I tried very hard to find a middle way though, but I could not get it.’
    • ‘So, in conclusion, a middle way is available between freezing out development and letting valued character be destroyed by yet another neo-Georgian-Tuscan-Federation box.’
    • ‘There is surely a middle way between rejecting everything that is ‘foreign’ and regarding Western civilization as little better than a criminal conspiracy.’
    • ‘The great question for Latin America in the coming years is whether, indeed, it can find a middle way without succumbing to the backdraft of corruption and protectionism.’
    • ‘Clearly privileging the former term in each of these pairings, Hallen can only suggest the possibility of a middle way, but he cannot take us there.’
    • ‘Does that sounds like people looking for a middle way?’
    • ‘Almost all of my working day has been spent on the thankless task of finding a middle way through the traps that catch me every time I undertake a major make-over on the journal website.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, I believe that there is a middle way forward.’
    • ‘Could it be that she's frustrated by her own efforts at finding a middle way?’
    middle way, middle course, middle ground, middle, mean, median, mid point, central point, centre, average, norm, standard
  • 2the Middle WayThe eightfold path of Buddhism between indulgence and asceticism.

    ‘He also travelled to Sakya where he studied monastic discipline, phenomenology, valid cognition, the Middle Way and Guhyasamaja with lamas such as Kazhipa Losel and Rendawa.’
    • ‘Jane Browne is a long-time Buddhist practitioner, subscriber to the Middle Way since the early 1950s, and continual supporter of the English Sangha.’
    • ‘The absence of contradiction between these two is the principle of the Middle Way - that mind is beyond conflict between existence and nonexistence.’
    • ‘When you begin to really understand the dharma, it penetrates you, especially the higher understandings of the Middle Way and the nature of mind.’
    • ‘Characteristic of the Middle Way is a balanced life, one that cultivates wisdom and compassion.’
    • ‘His Holiness the Dalai Lama takes us step by step through the famed logic of Madhyamika, the Middle Way that defeats all extreme views of reality.’
    • ‘I've just adopted several of their ways, like the belief in the Middle Way and Nirvana.’
    • ‘After many years of searching, Siddhartha adopted the Middle Way, a place between the excesses of luxury and a life of poverty.’
    • ‘It is at this point in his life that he embraced the second extreme by reference to which the Middle Way came into focus.’
    • ‘Buddhism began around 500 BC when Siddhartha Gautama, an Indian prince, later called Buddha, sought a middle way that rejected both the harsh life and poverty of Hindu holy men and luxury of the rich.’