Meaning of middle youth in English:

middle youth


mass noun
  • The time of life between early adulthood and middle age.

    ‘Forget the fears about kids growing up too fast - Valentine's Day now seems more representative of what has been termed middle youth or adultescence, to describe those thirtysomethings who will do anything rather than grow up.’
    • ‘Have those of us in middle youth become the victims of a watered-down version of Logan's Run, that film in which men and women are quietly eliminated at the age of 30?’
    • ‘Now, I ask you, does that really seem such a lot when you're entering the full bloom of middle youth and starting to discover its blessings of thread veins, eye bags, slack jowls and wrinkles?’
    • ‘They make up 2% of British males but most are well past middle youth.’
    • ‘The real cash is with people in their middle youth, which is anywhere between 45 and 65.’