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Pronunciation /ˈmɪdlman/

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nounplural noun middlemen

  • 1A person who buys goods from producers and sells them to retailers or consumers.

    ‘we maintain value for money by cutting out the middleman and selling direct’
    • ‘That leaves the retailers, the two middlemen and the producer.’
    • ‘Furthermore, because of the cost savings derived from cutting out the middleman, Dell believes it can sell computers at lower prices than its competitors, and thus steal market share.’
    • ‘The two big banks have their own retail branch outlets and are perceived as not needing to pay middlemen to sell their products.’
    • ‘Pay particular attention to suppliers, retailers and middlemen.’
    • ‘The giveaway will last a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on how many radios retailers and middlemen were able to order.’
    • ‘It is now becoming a more important market, and they would see economies of scale by cutting out the middleman.’
    • ‘That's because the Internet is increasingly cutting out the middleman.’
    • ‘It was a little unorthodox that they did it that way, cutting out the middleman.’
    • ‘There are always lots of middlemen or distributors to sell your product.’
    • ‘Instead of selling their product to middlemen before it makes its way onto the world commodity markets, the growers have a direct, long-term relationship with the people buying their crop.’
    • ‘But the market for local foods will never serve as many producers and consumers as it could if direct marketing - cutting out the middleman - is the only method of getting local foods to market.’
    • ‘And middlemen, who sell drugs directly to doctors and hospitals, often favored domestic brands.’
    • ‘Most are self-employed, but a few are dropped at street corners by employers, like farmers, wanting to bypass middlemen by selling their products directly to the customers.’
    • ‘A quarter of the grain sold was not sold through middlemen but directly by the farmer to the customer, and it was the smaller farmer who sold least through the merchants.’
    • ‘But they do not include the revenues of middlemen and retailers.’
    • ‘By exporting the coffee themselves, farmers earn considerably more per pound than they would if they sold through industry middlemen.’
    • ‘They are adding value to their produce, cutting out the middleman and getting feedback from their customers.’
    • ‘The British became the main middlemen between tropical producers and European consumers.’
    • ‘If a publisher can offer a game experience at half the price of its competitors by cutting out the middleman, they have a decisive advantage.’
    • ‘Serving as a middleman means paying vendors for merchandise, and then receiving payment from customers.’
    1. 1.1A person who arranges business or political deals between other people.
      ‘In that role he was the key middleman responsible for arranging the £40 billion deal in 1986.’
      • ‘Apart from ardent enthusiasts who would go to any length to participate in public functions for various reasons, there are spectators on call who are arranged by middlemen specialised in the field.’
      • ‘They can also help overcome language and cultural barriers by acting as middlemen for immigrants dealing with the local authorities.’
      • ‘And if you are looking for accommodation in the city, forget the need to deal with middlemen.’
      • ‘Then there is the high school biology teacher - the alleged middleman in the deal.’
      • ‘More typically, these deals are brokered by less media-friendly middlemen who pay cash to live donors.’
      • ‘We don't like to think of cultural value as something that requires middlemen - people who are not artists themselves - in order to emerge.’
      • ‘The music-industry probe concerns the use of independent promoters, middlemen between record companies and radio stations.’
      • ‘There are now technological middlemen who mediate how we even see each other.’
      • ‘Whilst these middlemen are usually decent, honest, hardworking music lovers, there's a notable cache of less scrupulous operators.’
      • ‘The rates are worked out in advance and the flags and banners handed out through middlemen.’
      • ‘The mafia often plays the role of middleman in these situations, facilitating transactions between businessmen and corrupt government officials.’
      intermediary, go-between
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