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  • 1(chiefly in soccer) the central part of the field.

    ‘Danny Carroll was switched from the midfield to centre-half for the last two games.’
    • ‘With the injured Paul Warhurst absent, Paul Scholes had a field day in midfield.’
    • ‘The midfield area is one that could decide the outcome of the game.’
    • ‘We knew their strength was in central midfield which is why we packed the midfield.’
    • ‘Patrick is maybe not best known for his goals but for his amazing display in the centre of midfield.’
    • ‘However the main point of concern for United should be the centre of midfield.’
    • ‘Staniforth was controlling the midfield and Graham was a constant threat at centre forward.’
    • ‘Cameron Latter scored two first half goals after good work from George Holmes in the midfield.’
    • ‘He plays in the centre of midfield and he protects the defence but also joins in the attack and gets some great goals.’
    • ‘As well as his hard work in the midfield, he has also chipped in with goals when the team have needed them most.’
    • ‘Allen's first goal was laid on by a superb ball from the midfield by Steve Omonua.’
    • ‘Davids runs the midfield while Kluivert scores the goals and makes the play from up front.’
    • ‘This is why I would put him in the centre of the midfield for my dream team.’
    1. 1.1The players on a team who play in a central position between attack and defence.
      ‘Their central midfield was notable more for foraging than contributions in attack.’
      • ‘Far from being an entertaining contest, it was one that the defences and midfields dominated.’
      • ‘Aided by the midfield, the Kirkby defence managed to weather the initial storm.’
      • ‘Italy have a strong defence and the midfield is more settled than a month ago.’
      • ‘Great midfields are created by two centres who each pose a significant threat.’



/ˌmɪdˈfiːld/ /ˈmɪdfiːld/