Meaning of midheaven in English:




  • (on an astrological chart) the point where the ecliptic intersects the meridian.

    ‘With your progressed sun presently on the Leo midheaven of your chart, you can almost write your own ticket when it comes to making a career move.’
    • ‘The ruler of the midheaven in that chart is Jupiter, placed in the 4th house of home.’
    • ‘With Uranus, the planet of separation, at the midheaven of this chart, it is rather clear that in three months or so, you will finally terminate this relationship.’
    • ‘Jupiter is ruler of your midheaven in that chart and he is placed right on the cusp of your 4th house.’
    • ‘Moreover, since the midheaven is connected with the career, the astrologer might usefully have inquired what would happen to her job, at the age of forty-five, if a baby arrived.’