Meaning of midland in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪdlənd/

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  • 1The middle part of a country.

    ‘It is a fine example of one of the last remaining raised bogs in the country and is believed to be the finest raised bog in the midlands.’
    • ‘Power was also restored early yesterday to several hundred customers in the midlands and Louth.’
    • ‘That's about it really in the midlands, but between rain showers, it looked rather nice.’
    • ‘The Big River tribe from the midlands was regularly seen on the northern, southern and eastern coasts of the island.’
    • ‘I think I'll take a meander up to the midlands this weekend and go see if there is something there I can shoot.’
    • ‘It is understood that a beef factory in Munster and another in the midlands have been inspected by customs officials.’
    • ‘In ancient times, in the midlands of Ireland, there lived a king whose name was O'Toole.’
    • ‘In the lakes of the midlands, the jet-skier is the menace of the local fishermen and boaters.’
    • ‘Set in the midlands of England this was once the industrial capital of the world.’
    • ‘The couple finally forsook the wild heather of the Highlands for fresh pastures in Ireland's midlands when they were bitten by the Irish ballad bug.’
    • ‘With richly textured dialogue set in the midlands, the play tells the story of Hester Swane as she battles to come to terms with rejection.’
    • ‘Members of the gang regularly commute to the British midlands.’
    • ‘In contrast, visitor numbers fell in the mid-west, midlands and west.’
    • ‘On retirement Joe Darling returned to the midlands of Tasmania and to ‘Stonehenge’.’
    • ‘The centre needs to raise funds every year to ensure that it remains a centre for excellence for the visual and performing arts in the midlands.’
    • ‘Keane's company, Corrigeen Construction, is involved in a number of building projects in the midlands.’
    • ‘The display of photographs is a fascinating insight into the social history of the midlands and in particular Portlaoise.’
    • ‘Although never close to winning a seat in Parliament, it had strong support in parts of London, the midlands, and some northern cities.’
    • ‘That was why she has provided additional funding for mediation services in the midlands and the north-west this year.’
    • ‘The event was attended by volunteers and staff from projects in the midlands as well as statutory and development agencies.’
    1. 1.1the MidlandsThe inland counties of central England.
    2. 1.2A part of the central United States, roughly bounded by Illinois, South Carolina, and Delaware.


  • 1Of or in the middle part of a country.

    ‘In many areas, especially in the eastern Cape, coastal and midland Natal, and the highveld of the Transvaal and the Free State, loss of land necessitated changes in the way that African families survived.’
    • ‘Two zoologists, who carried out a survey on midland lakes, state that there are from seven to thirteen mink per 10 km shoreline.’
    • ‘The new show, featuring the cream of midland entertainers, uses the Shannon basin from Cavan to Athlone as its theme.’
    • ‘The Kammu are classified as midland Lao because they tend to live on the mountain slopes.’
    • ‘Portlaoise is no exception, but the difference between Portlaoise and other midland counties is that the ‘townies’ can boast of currently having 27 eating houses in the ‘town’.’
    • ‘This demonstrates either a complete lack of understanding of the problems facing midland counties at the highest level in government or an unwillingness to tackle the problem.’
    • ‘However, the distances involved in the journey of Anne of Denmark from Scotland represents a more ambitious project than any of the late queen's itineraries, mainly in southern and midland England.’
    • ‘I'd like to ride some more international races such as the Avalanche cup and races at home like the Scottish, Nambs Nemba's midland series, and the Gold runs.’
    • ‘By 1901 his partnership with Joseph Cooper produced motor-cycles from components bought from midland suppliers.’
    • ‘The club is competing in the Kilkenny and midland Area Leagues.’
    • ‘It will serve Laois, Offaly Westmeath Longford, and all midland counties.’
    • ‘It is extraordinary to see the mixture of people, the old traditional western or midland farmer and your business type.’
    • ‘Across much of midland England wide-ranging changes took place in the countryside in the late Saxon period.’
    • ‘Teams take part in various competitions including the Dublin league and midland leagues.’
    • ‘In turn, this midland plan will be forwarded to the National Drugs Strategy Unit.’
    • ‘This is common in midland areas and generally means that a Forest Soils Test will be required.’
    • ‘Would the south-east and midland farmers be so anxious to quit the beet industry then?’
    • ‘By capturing London, this midland dialect in speech and writing captured the kingdom.’
    • ‘How are the midland towns taking the news of the war?’
    • ‘Tendering for the broad-band service has also been received and Portlaoise is one of the first towns to be dealt with in the midland region.’
    1. 1.1Of or in the English Midlands.
      ‘Cook's beginnings in 1841, as an organizer of temperance excursions on English Midland railroads, may be well known.’
      • ‘Modern English comes from the East Midland dialect of Middle English.’
      • ‘Standard English derives from the old East Midland dialect.’
      • ‘While there has been significant growth in employment in the Midland region, each of the four counties has experienced substantial job losses in the past two years.’
      • ‘He worked with the Western and Midland health boards before he was appointed personnel officer with the South Eastern Health Board in 1989.’
      • ‘These children from a British Midland school were having their picture taken on the prime minister's Downing Street doorstep.’
      • ‘The county had waited 120 years for such an honour and this team of champions have already entered the annals of sporting history in this Midland county.’
    2. 1.2Of or in the Midland of the United States.