Meaning of midnight feast in English:

midnight feast

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  • A meal eaten late at night, especially in secret by children.

    ‘A midnight feast (of the diet kind) was my big idea.’
    • ‘Then later if we're all good mummy will let us stay up late and put a tent up in the garden, and we'll all run around in the dark with torches and have a midnight feast.’
    • ‘A midnight feast was demanded and provided, in an exasperated but tolerant manner.’
    • ‘It was a great midnight feast filled with fun and thrill.’
    • ‘I like food you can make a midnight feast with later.’
    • ‘Everything was fine until one night she came up with the brain wave idea that we'd have a midnight feast.’
    • ‘Maybe the players will raid the tuckshop for a midnight feast.’
    • ‘It felt like a boarding school midnight feast from an Enid Blyton novel.’
    • ‘A restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and midnight feasts is something different.’
    • ‘The only part of boarding school I enjoyed were the midnight feasts, which became a necessity to supplement what I felt were measly breakfast and lunch rations.’
    • ‘But I'm not a recluse so it was only a minor gripe and things like midnight feasts and all the fun myths that go with boarding school sort of made up for it.’
    • ‘Do you remember sneaking down to the kitchen and having midnight feasts?’