Meaning of midnight sun in English:

midnight sun



  • The sun when seen at midnight during the summer in either the Arctic or Antarctic Circle.

    ‘The glow over Stockholm these days isn't just the midnight sun hanging above the arctic circle.’
    • ‘It's more famous as the summer land of the midnight sun, but in winter, Lapland is the land of the midday dark.’
    • ‘One-seventh of Sweden lies within the Arctic Circle, the ‘land of the midnight sun,’ where the sun never really sets for three months during the summer.’
    • ‘I had first heard of ice golf two summers earlier, while traveling under the midnight sun in northern Scandinavia.’
    • ‘The last night, under the midnight sun, I pitched my tent thirty feet from the Arctic Ocean.’
    • ‘Norm has planned a day trip to the Arctic Circle for a photo opportunity under the midnight sun.’
    • ‘In the brief summer it becomes the land of the midnight sun.’
    • ‘In mid-winter it is plunged into darkness round the clock, and in summer it is lit up with the midnight sun.’
    • ‘Join in a game of softball or round of golf at midnight under only the light of the midnight sun.’
    • ‘All of this is illuminated by the sublime radiance of the midnight sun.’
    • ‘Afterward, guests can check e-mail or catch up on the news, thanks to a stealthy satellite connection, or head into the midnight sun to hit a few golf balls on the lodge's driving range.’
    • ‘Who could resist the opportunity to immerse oneself in gently bubbling, half-filled lava caves to absorb the naturally occurring minerals or simply to relax in a deep blue steaming pool under a midnight sun?’
    • ‘Suddenly, in the soft, slanting light of the midnight sun, they saw ice-polished slopes of granite come alive with images of animals and humans.’
    • ‘It was a happy angler who arrived back at the bridge for a lift back to Umea and the Midsummer Festival party, where everyone joined in the singing of Ten Green Bottles under the midnight sun.’
    • ‘As autumn loomed and the midnight sun became a memory, we were still trying to organize cash flow and ice floes so that we could shoot our first clay at the beginning of September.’
    • ‘The eight-night cruise begins in June - perfect for the midnight sun - and you've a strong chance of seeing minkes, orcas and sperm whales.’
    • ‘Other destinations, such as Norway, are notoriously costly but do offer a different type of diving experience for those who are keen to dive under the midnight sun.’
    • ‘But at the end of the day, as the midnight sun beams its way through my tent, my mind drifts to simpler thoughts.’
    • ‘This is the land of the midnight sun, and I join a three-hour tour that begins at 9 p.m.’
    • ‘Mad sled dogs and Englishmen go out in the midnight sun.’