Meaning of midrib in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪdrɪb/


  • A large strengthened vein along the midline of a leaf.

    ‘Another pernicious pest affecting house plants is scale, which appears as small lumps (either white, brown, pink or black) that form colonies on stems, on the underside of leaves and along the midribs.’
    • ‘One leaf disc with known area was detached from each leaf, avoiding major veins and the midrib.’
    • ‘Before measurement the proximal four leaflets were removed and the leaf midrib was inserted into the pressure chamber.’
    • ‘Large sectors or patches which extend from the midrib to the leaf margin are much less frequent, with approximately only one in 100 shoots having such leaves.’
    • ‘The weight on the opposite side kept the leaf midrib in a straight position.’
    • ‘At about the middle of the leaves an incision was made into the midrib of leaves number 2, 5 and 8 from the base.’
    • ‘Thickness was measured approximately half way between the midrib and the leaf margin.’
    • ‘Bract length was measured from the base of the bract to the apex of the midrib for both pistillate and staminate plants.’
    • ‘The bulk of axial water movement through the elongation zone occurs through xylem elements in the midrib and large lateral veins.’
    • ‘Each leaf has many pinnae and a leaf axis that is subdivided into a midrib and a petiole.’
    • ‘Thickness was measured at small veins located midway between the midrib and the margin of the leaf blade.’
    • ‘During plant culture, the diameter of the hypocotyl and the length of the midrib of primary and subsequent leaves was measured.’
    • ‘After this, they enter the leaf midribs and eventually the stalk through which they tunnel, weakening the plant and reducing potential ear size.’
    • ‘This variety, developed well before the 17th century, has no proper head but instead wide, spreading leaves with very thick midribs.’
    • ‘In both 30 mm and 300 mm long leaves, cell lines close to the midrib were nearly parallel to it, while cell lines closest to the leaf edge had an angle up to 60° with the midrib.’
    • ‘Plant leaves are composed of at least two mediolateral zones: a central domain, which includes the midrib and leaf tip, and a lateral domain that includes the lower leaf margins.’
    • ‘The middle branch leaves the stem and forms the midrib of a leaf, while the other two branches join with their neighbors to reform a full-sized vascular bundle.’
    • ‘Egg masses are white, with 5 to 40 eggs in each mass, and laid on the underside of leaves near the midrib.’
    • ‘In brief, approximately midway along the length of the leaf an incision was made into the midrib.’
    • ‘For each plant, the coordinates along the axis of the stem and the midrib of each lamina were recorded.’