Meaning of midsize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪdsʌɪz/


(also midsized)
mainly North American
  • Of an average size; intermediate in size between large and small.

    ‘a midsize car’
    • ‘The Minister has set a precedent by calling in the consent for the Turitea wind-farm, a fairly ordinary mid-sized wind project.’
    • ‘Following the success of its Small Business Server, Microsoft has launched an integrated Windows Essential Business Server for mid-sized businesses.’
    • ‘Highway driving range is approximately 500 highway miles on a tank of fuel, the best in the mid-size SUV class.’
    • ‘Lost amid the jabber over what the Next Big Thing in passenger vehicles is likely to be, is the humble midsized sedan.’
    • ‘The multiple functions performed by Swiss automatic machines help increase production speeds for machining parts with midsized diameters.’
    • ‘With more horsepower than the nearest competitor, the Aviator is an excellent value in the midsize luxury SUV category.’
    • ‘Madison Cold weather didn't stop Wisconsin from packing a one-two punch among midsize cities.’
    • ‘Enjoy luxury at sea, aboard the elegant mid-sized ships sophisticated travelers prefer.’
    • ‘Objectively, Apple Computer is a mid-sized company with a tiny share of its primary market.’
    • ‘Not bad for a mid-size player in a rapidly shrinking industry.’
    • ‘I recently spent time with a mid-sized supplier from the western side of Michigan, a company somewhat unique in the automotive industry.’
    • ‘Ford Explorer is a mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle launched by Ford in 1991.’
    • ‘A second mid-size site was never selected for the project due to a variety of difficulties.’
    • ‘It rides more like a minivan, or better yet, a mid-size sedan.’
    • ‘One researcher taped 52 hours of playground activity at a midsize Toronto school.’
    • ‘Adventure Island, located in Tampa, is a mid-sized park that caters to kids of any age.’
    • ‘For a small or even midsized company you could pretty much do without IT.’
    • ‘I asked one newspaper executive from a mid-sized Colorado daily why they didn't attach message boards to their opinion pieces online.’
    • ‘In 2003-04 mid size car sales actually grew faster in percentage terms than those of compact cars.’
    • ‘One mid-sized practice working primarily in Silicon Valley claimed all their projects are modeled in 3D from start to finish.’