Meaning of midtown in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪdtaʊn/

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North American usually as modifier
  • The central part of a city between the downtown and uptown areas.

    ‘a huge midtown apartment’
    • ‘Very opposite in style and feel is the Vogel garden in the midtown business area of the city.’
    • ‘Just a few days ago, the Detroit Free Press published statistics on the income of residents of the city's midtown area.’
    • ‘My new office is on Park Avenue, in the midtown area.’
    • ‘The church building is located in the historic midtown section of the city.’
    • ‘The site is adjacent to Times Square and within the midtown business district.’
    • ‘At the time it was the largest deal ever done in London's midtown area.’
    • ‘Except for a slightly angled roof that glints on the west end, it looks like it might have been part of this midtown neighborhood for some time.’
    • ‘I have also noticed that in midtown office buildings, men will step aside for women to both enter and exit elevators ahead of them.’
    • ‘Anyway, she works out in a midtown gym, and sources say the former faux glamour gal looks better than ever.’
    • ‘Folks on their way to work stride down a midtown block in silent competition with all the other fast walkers.’
    • ‘Martz leaves her midtown office and walks five minutes to her apartment.’
    • ‘Sprinting to the midtown office of a friend, I knew the race was on.’
    • ‘Unbearably smitten, Oscar flees his father's Thanksgiving party to drown his sorrows in a midtown bar.’
    • ‘Jody named a rival restaurateur, a successful meat mogul who owned several midtown steakhouses.’
    • ‘Tonight, though, Lauren and I gazed upon you at your midtown location while we studied for the bar.’
    • ‘The setting of the poem is a midtown bar where the poet sits musing dispiritedly about the onset of WWII.’
    • ‘On one of my first visits, I lingered for an hour or so in the lounge with a group of more or less stodgy midtown friends.’
    • ‘The gallery remained a key midtown venue until she retired in 1995 and closed the space.’
    • ‘The midtown facility will reopen in September with a show from the permanent collection.’
    • ‘And then I remembered David, my former student who I'd run into in midtown three weeks earlier.’