Meaning of Midwestern in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɪdˈwɛst(ə)n/

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  • Relating to or denoting the region of northern states of the US from Ohio west to the Rocky Mountains.

    ‘the Midwestern states’
    • ‘a Midwestern university’
    • ‘He has won numerous awards for his interpretation of the Midwestern landscape.’
    • ‘He soon became the acknowledged leader of the regionalist style, concentrating on the depiction of historic Midwestern subjects.’
    • ‘I had already been exposed to the concept of "organic" at the Midwestern college I attended.’
    • ‘This year, a surprising number of Midwestern cities were added to the list.’
    • ‘Biotechnology's effects on Midwestern agriculture will be discussed at the Agricultural Field Day in August.’
    • ‘In the humid Midwestern United States, wheat should never follow wheat or spelt in the rotation sequence.’
    • ‘Midwestern soybean growers were caught unprepared for a visit from a foreign aphid during the summer of 2000.’
    • ‘They set out to develop flavors that would be readily embraced in their upper Midwestern markets.’
    • ‘One goal of the project was to bring the site back to its Midwestern prairie condition, partly for the purpose of water conservation.’
    • ‘Dallas, like other Midwestern cities, gave way to the rule of the automobile.’