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Pronunciation /miːn/

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  • A person's appearance or manner, especially as an indication of their character or mood.

    ‘he has a cautious, academic mien’
    • ‘Ever the courtier alert to the slightest imperfections in his outward mien, the Earl is accustomed to checking his physical appearance in the glass.’
    • ‘I am taking some small pride in my impassive mien when particularly hard gusts push the boat over further, or rogue waves wash through the cockpit.’
    • ‘He delivers his declaration not with reckless bravado but with a dignified, quiet, middle-management-lifer assurance, in keeping with his general mien.’
    • ‘Open champion or not, he has the dignity of a true champion, the mien of a monarch.’
    • ‘In the case of the CPA press conference you could see the disappointment on their faces and in their mien even if they asked a reasonable question.’
    • ‘All customs and immigration officials we met smiled at Rebecca (who usually reciprocated) and stamped our passports with a happy mien.’
    • ‘Terror had still not uncovered to the full its beast-like mien.’
    • ‘These parents tend to be of a particular mien and gait.’
    • ‘I can imagine the pair of them up to the chest in waders, casting a fly on the Tay: they have the amiable mien of anglers and look as if they can afford it.’
    • ‘So, assuming the mien of a lion, I sit in the open, hiding my coward's heart.’
    • ‘And the traces of this absurdity are visible in the mien of our politicians.’
    • ‘If I could finally hone the mien, I could probably pass for a member of the golf club.’
    • ‘Where people had personalities, identities and individual miens, this being just held fear.’
    • ‘Yet, again, I could not escape that there was something about her eyes, something terribly alert and competent that defied her physical mien.’
    • ‘His soldierly mien made him popular with the army.’
    • ‘The angry mien faded from Walter, and confusion set in.’
    • ‘She's relaxed and friendly, and it's easy to slip into casual conversation and away from the professional mien if one is not paying attention.’
    • ‘Even as he gazed upon her fear-glazed features, a frown of recognition touched her mien, and it seemed to him then that he could hear her thoughts.’
    • ‘I was relieved to see his face slip into its impassive mien.’
    • ‘He had a unique-shaped nose that was neither large nor small and laugh lines around his interesting eyes that added to his playful mien.’
    appearance, look, expression, countenance, face, front, aspect, aura, demeanour, comportment, attitude, air, presence, manner, bearing, carriage, deportment, stance
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Early 16th century probably from French mine ‘expression’, influenced by obsolete demean ‘bearing, demeanour’ (from demean).

Main meanings of Mien in English

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Pronunciation /mɪˈɛn/

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another term for Yao
‘Jonsson provides an intriguing example of how local ethnicity and national integration are contested through sports competition and games among the Mien of northern Thailand.’
  • ‘They were ethnic Mien, fiercely independent ‘hill people’ who had been recruited by the CIA to fight the Communist insurgency in Laos and Vietnam, with the explicit promise of safe haven in America if they lost.’
  • ‘The differences and origins of the six tribes (Akha, Lisu, Karen, Hmong, Mien and Lahu) are well presented, both pictorially and in words in the introduction.’
  • ‘A year later, Bosnian, Mandarin, Thai, Mien, Tagalog, and Lao had been added.’
  • ‘Other Austro-Tai speakers include the Austronesian-speaking Moken and small groups of Hmong and Mien in Shan State.’
  • ‘Levy is attentive in his attempts to distinguish one group from another, Hmong from Mien or Vietnamese.’