Meaning of miffed in English:


Pronunciation /mɪft/

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  • Somewhat annoyed; peeved.

    • ‘she turned around, looking slightly miffed’
    • ‘she was miffed at not being invited’
    • ‘A magazine about Albertans for Albertans had some local Albertans miffed.’
    • ‘You didn't even tell your editors who sounded a little miffed.’
    • ‘Sporting blue overalls, the creature stared blankly ahead, looking a little miffed.’
    • ‘I think they are miffed at us championing Turkey for EU membership.’
    • ‘Indeed, Paterson has been miffed at the astonishment over the defeat of Celtic.’
    • ‘Consultants like Mike Boyd are miffed the Obama administration isn't focused more on what's happening now in the airline industry.’
    • ‘I did become miffed by the breakdown of the talks last summer.’
    • ‘Imagine how miffed I am at the pique of Joe.’
    • ‘He is miffed at not being more of a focal point in the offense.’
    • ‘Defending their sale tactic yesterday, one staff member said customers had not been miffed by the sign.’
    • ‘I could say that I wasn't even a little miffed, or even fazed.’
    • ‘I remember a story about some chap called Robin Hood who was slightly miffed about another chap called the Sheriff of Nottingham.’
    • ‘I think he was a bit miffed by it all.’
    • ‘Not that he is in the least bit miffed at the lack of recognition.’
    • ‘Some of you are getting miffed that I never answer.’
    • ‘I am also more than a little miffed that the memorial was erected at all.’
    • ‘I think they were a bit miffed that I stayed at home - no tea breaks every half an hour or bunking off early.’
    • ‘For example, female stand-up professionals were miffed that they were neither recognized in the category breakdowns, nor in the nominations.’
    • ‘He was particularly miffed by the fact that Sudan had been voted onto the Committee.’
    • ‘Chelsey, apparently still miffed that he didn't return her affection, was among the few girls who didn't do anything for Brandon.’