Meaning of might've in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪtəv/


  • Might have.

    • ‘you might've noticed that some Twitter profiles looked a bit different’
    • ‘Do you think Rosie might've been trying to reach you?’
    • ‘The next day, however, I reflected that things might've gone worse.’
    • ‘The way I figured it, I might've gone to jail, but I would've eventually gotten out.’
    • ‘He might've been a bully, but he was also a genius.’
    • ‘Curiosity overrode whatever fear she might've had.’
    • ‘I think that I might've had enough adventure for one day after meeting this guy.’
    • ‘No matter how many bad dreams Lenore might've had, she had never had one like this before.’
    • ‘He might've gotten lost - he is new here, after all.’
    • ‘Why do you think she might've done it?’
    • ‘I was so afraid that you guys might've thought I was losing my touch.’
    • ‘She might've gone back to sleep.’
    • ‘The babies have been quieter than one might've expected.’
    • ‘Sorry I might've missed it in other comments but does anyone know where I can find a complete list of ISPs who are involved in this?’
    • ‘I was left thinking of what might've happened, how the next time I might not be so fortunate.’