Meaning of migraineur in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmiːɡreɪˈnəː/


  • A person who suffers from migraine.

    ‘In light of the sampling issues raised by Philips, our findings are relevant only for the subpopulation of those migraineurs who seek medical advice.’
    • ‘The burden of migraine includes suffering and disability because only a few migraineurs are actually receiving state-of-the-art treatment.’
    • ‘Narcotics are for occasional use only and should not be considered first-line treatment in the migraineur.’
    • ‘The migraineurs we studied typically used the coping mechanisms of avoidance, flight, preoccupation, social isolation, and, especially, development of physical symptoms.’
    • ‘To justify the argument that it was the migraineurs ' deviant response to stress and not the amount of stress per se to which they were exposed, we asked all subjects about their amount of daily stressors.’
    • ‘At therapeutic plasma concentrations, sumatriptan does not reduce myocardial perfusion in healthy migraineurs.’
    • ‘In fact, three quarters of migraineurs are women, with the majority aged between 25 and 44.’