Meaning of mildew in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪldjuː/

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mass noun
  • A thin whitish coating consisting of minute fungal hyphae, growing on plants or damp organic material such as paper.

    ‘And the rainwater leaking into homes now could cause health problems months from now when mould and mildew grow in the carpets and air-conditioning ducts.’
    • ‘They collect dust and become an ideal environment for mould and mildew to grow.’
    • ‘Also keep an eye on walls which adjoin the bathroom - mildew can grow on a closet wall adjacent to the bathroom, for example.’
    • ‘Watch out for mildew while the plants are dormant; if it shows up as a white or brown powder, dust with sulfur.’
    • ‘To help prevent mildew, space plants to allow good air circulation between them.’
    • ‘Could this constant moisture cause mildew to grow on and up through the concrete slab?’
    • ‘The buildings are shells with walls covered in mildew and grass growing through the floors as high as the ceilings.’
    • ‘If a plastic tub is the only option, make sure it is of the sanitized type to prevent mildew and bacteria from growing.’
    • ‘In winter, ventilation pulls out interior moisture, which tends to collect in attics and may saturate insulation or cause mold and mildew to grow.’
    • ‘For example, mold and mildew grow in moist areas, causing allergic reactions and damaging buildings.’
    • ‘Because your bathroom is the dampest and warmest area of your home, it's the most likely to grow mold and mildew.’
    • ‘The mold and mildew grow because of the presence of sufficient moisture.’
    • ‘Spraying rooms with an aerosol material will not eliminate mildew problems.’
    • ‘They'd see damp and dirt and mildew and mushrooms.’
    • ‘It reeked of mildew and mould, like damp left in the corner of a room to fester until it sprouted life.’
    • ‘He pulled open a door, damp with mildew and half-rotted away.’
    • ‘At the top of the well hung a limp brown rope covered in damp mildew.’
    • ‘Other problems that could be bothersome include mildew, leaf spot, and bacterial blight.’
    • ‘Three rooms have old wallpaper that is now covered with mildew because of the damp.’
    • ‘Add another $5 for a gallon of deck cleaner that removes mildew, fungus, and grime.’
    decomposition, rotting, going bad, putrefaction, putrescence, putridity, festering, spoilage, perishing, withering, shrivelling


  • Affect or be affected with mildew.

    with object ‘the flat was very damp and mildewed’
    • ‘there was something depressing about the hundreds of theological volumes mildewing in the damp air’
    • ‘Acid-free and treated with a fungicide to prevent mildewing, the sheets are offered with cold press, hot press and rough surface textures, and are available in 140-and 300-pound weights.’
    • ‘Use 100% polyester thread to help prevent the thread from mildewing.’
    • ‘About 3 months into moving here, we noticed that every time there was a heavy rain the ceiling of our master closet would get sort of wet and look vaguely like it was mildewing.’
    • ‘Loose tiles clinked underfoot and I glimpsed spoiled frescoes which had faded, mildewed or simply disappeared under whitewash.’
    • ‘Truckloads of clothing mildewed and had to be burned because they were simply unusable.’
    • ‘Carefree is made of recycled gallon milk jugs and detergent bottles, and won't mildew or stain.’
    • ‘Then, she came back, and I told her it was going to mildew since it was all wet.’
    • ‘Water accumulation can cause straw bale walls to mildew and eventually decompose, and earthen walls to deteriorate and collapse.’
    • ‘Most roses grown in too much shade will quickly mildew.’
    • ‘The spare clothes I took with me look like mildewing rags.’
    mouldy, mildewed, blighted, smutty, smutted, musty, fetid, fusty, rotting, rotten, decaying, putrid, putrescent, stale, damp


Old English mildēaw ‘honeydew’, of Germanic origin. The first element is related to Latin mel and Greek meli ‘honey’.