Meaning of miles from anywhere in English:

miles from anywhere

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  • In a very isolated place.

    • ‘it can be lonely, living miles from anywhere’
    • ‘The fortuitous setting of the Bilderberg Jan Luyken means that it overcomes the usual annoying paradox of hotels in major cities: the ones close to everything are too noisy, and the ones quiet enough to permit sleep are miles from anywhere.’
    • ‘Hundreds and hundreds of miles from anywhere, the spot was the very ‘climax of desolation,’ as one of Stuart's fellow explorers once put it, and Stuart and his men had gone through hell to get there.’
    • ‘Nobody thought York was a possibility, because it's miles from anywhere.’
    • ‘They were miles from anywhere and mum couldn't get a signal on her mobile phone, so she had to walk quite a way to get help.’
    • ‘When I worked for Bright Star they had their store in an old military bomb store miles from anywhere.’
    • ‘Breezily, reassuringly, I said ‘Oh well, it's not like we're miles from anywhere.’’
    • ‘I couldn't go for a walk because the house was miles from anywhere and it was surrounded by plains.’
    • ‘You'll feel a million miles from anywhere, especially at night, yet you're only a 15-minute cab ride from town (and there's a free minibus).’
    • ‘A million miles from anywhere, it is America's most far-flung state but its isolated beauty is a huge attraction for adventures and honeymooners.’
    • ‘There was one large house, and eight smaller ones, miles from anywhere else.’