Meaning of militarist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪlɪt(ə)rɪst/

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  • A person who believes that a country should maintain a strong military capability.

    • ‘a group of militarists within the administration’
    • ‘Making them our public enemy No. 1 plays into the hands of militarists on both sides of the Pacific.’
    • ‘The account ends with the Tang Dynasty's collapse into a welter of provincial militarists.’
    • ‘Superficially, he seemed at different times to be an ardent liberal or a reactionary militarist.’
    • ‘They rebuilt the arsenal, previously dismantled by agreement among the militarists.’
    • ‘The prime minister has to face up to his militarists.’
    • ‘Even more important, not all the militarists wear uniforms.’
    • ‘They would have preferred no compromise with the militarists.’
    • ‘Whether you are a pacifist or a militarist, a Republican or a Democrat, an American or European, you're a security consumer.’
    • ‘I would argue that there is tacit collusion among the militarists of all sides.’
    • ‘A government controlled by militarists is in some ways more dangerous than one controlled by the military.’


  • Holding the belief that a country should maintain a strong military capability.

    • ‘the aggressive militarist foreign policy of the government’
    • ‘The training program is a specific kind of militarist indoctrination of minors.’
    • ‘The fact of local, militarist autonomy was acknowledged by the creation of the political councils.’
    • ‘Yet another, though less obvious, militarist threat was now growing.’
    • ‘He was a newspaper proprietor who plagued the British people for years with militarist and xenophobic drivel.’
    • ‘Was this the age-old militarist strategy of provoking the sort of violence that made them indispensable?’
    • ‘Eisenhower warned Americans of an internal threat from militarist officers and greedy weapons contractors who were seeking to control foreign policy.’
    • ‘Examining the crucial elements leading to World War I, he exposes how a pack of falsehoods and the militarist myths they serve may bedevil us still.’
    • ‘You say you're confused about how we progressives can possibly nominate what you call a "militarist candidate."’
    • ‘The candidate's militarist agenda could produce a massive backlash against the party.’
    • ‘Our foreign policy was about to take a sharp unilateralist and militarist turn.’