Meaning of military attaché in English:

military attaché


  • An army officer serving with an embassy or attached as an observer to a foreign army.

    ‘Were any foreign military attachés or observers consulted, assuming that either or both had access to the insurgents?’
    • ‘In 1938, John visited Berlin, where his uncle was the British military attaché.’
    • ‘He did well at military college and served as a military attaché in Germany shortly after the end of World War One.’
    • ‘‘The perspective on the drugs problem has increased significantly in the last two years,’ says one Western military attaché in Bangkok.’
    • ‘The US was the only country whose military attaché enjoyed this privilege.’
    • ‘He played a prominent part in the 1908 Young Turk revolution and was then military attaché in Berlin.’
    • ‘In 1895 he served as military attaché in Tokyo and his reports came to the attention of Yuan Shikai.’