Meaning of military history in English:

military history


mass noun
  • The study of the role that armed forces played in past events.

    ‘in-depth analyses of 20th century military history’
    • ‘He is also the author of several books, including several on military history.’
    • ‘The role of religious ideology in military history is often overlooked.’
    • ‘Kevin retained an interest in military history throughout his life.’
    • ‘Hollywood has done a stunning job of re-writing American military history along impossibly heroic lines.’
    • ‘Americans are oddly uncurious about the military history of the war that made us a nation.’
    • ‘Indeed, the Civil War proved to be a watershed in military history, becoming the first of what military historians call "modern wars."’
    • ‘He enjoys films and is a keen reader, with a strong interest in biographies and history, particularly military history.’
    • ‘I had served during the Korean conflict as a member of the first fully integrated officer corps in U.S. military history.’
    • ‘Gambling has been an important part of our national experience and nowhere is it more evident than in our military history.’
    • ‘Far more than just the social history the title suggests, it is a deeply researched political, diplomatic, economic and military history.’