Meaning of milk-white in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪlkwʌɪt/


  • Of the opaque white colour of milk.

    ‘her milk-white skin’
    • ‘The boy had enticing, green-blue eyes with little flecks of gold, milk-white skin with a slight tint of pink to the cheeks, and little freckles towards the tip of his nose.’
    • ‘But then the screen showed him for a second, and they could plainly see it was a little boy, no older than eight, with milk-white skin and glassy, distant eyes.’
    • ‘His skin still glistened milk-white and gaunt as ever.’
    • ‘He hardly ever went outside except to get the newspaper and, once in a blue moon, mow the lawn, and so his skin was milk-white and blue-veined.’
    • ‘Her skin was milk-white and inhumanly perfect, without a single freckle or flaw.’
    • ‘His skin was milk-white, with cheeks currently tinted in a light blush of pink.’
    • ‘Then his milk-white face turned ashen, and suddenly his pale blue eyes opened widely.’
    • ‘I awoke Saturday morning to a pallid, milk-white sky that was seemingly unable to decide whether to rain or snow.’
    • ‘Where this milk fell to earth, a milk-white lily spontaneously grew.’
    • ‘The milk-white duck-bone soup was slightly acrid.’
    • ‘Be it milk-white jasmine balls or rose garlands, this is the place where one can just walk into the flower market for a cheap bargain to place both bulk and small retail orders.’
    • ‘He saw people riding milk-white horses with tails dyed scarlet.’
    • ‘His low brow was usually furrowed, his shoulders round, his face milk-white and pinched.’
    • ‘His milk-white hair fluttered around his face, and his pale blue eyes flashed beneath his enormous horn-rimmed glasses.’
    • ‘The country's queen arrived on a milk-white racing camel.’
    • ‘Their color varies from milk-white in the larger and more translucent crystals to colorless in the smaller and more transparent crystals.’
    white, pallid, pasty, pasty-faced, wan, colourless, anaemic, bloodless, washed out, peaky, peakish, ashen, ashen-faced, ashy, chalky, chalk white, grey, whitish, white-faced, whey-faced, waxen, waxy, blanched, drained, pinched, green, ghastly, sickly, sallow, as white as a sheet, as white as a ghost, deathly pale, cadaverous, corpse-like, looking as if one had seen a ghost