Meaning of milk thistle in English:

milk thistle


  • 1A European thistle with a solitary purple flower and glossy marbled leaves, naturalized in America and used in herbal medicine.

    Silybum marianum, family Compositae

    ‘Herbs such as dandelion leaf and root, milk thistle, artichoke, Oregon grape root, chelidonium and curcumin also support liver function.’
    • ‘They are extracts of milk thistle, European mistletoe and alpha lipoic acid, which all have anti-oxidant properties capable of tackling cancer.’
    • ‘For example, milk thistle also is called lady's thistle or St Mary's thistle.’
    • ‘The herb is often found combined with milk thistle or with some of the below listed Ayurvedic herbals in protective or detox formulas.’
    • ‘Many herbal remedies are potentially hepatotoxic, and only milk thistle can be used safely in patients who have chronic liver disease.’
    • ‘I recommend taking milk thistle at night, as Chinese medicine suggests that the liver is most active between 11 pm and 3am.’
    • ‘In addition to these nutrients, a high quality multiple vitamin/mineral supplement with extra magnesium, pyridoxine, selenium, antioxidants, and milk thistle is recommended.’
    • ‘Two meta-analyses of milk thistle for liver disease detail the major limitations of prior studies and conclude that data are insufficient to support its use at this time.’
    • ‘Such patients commonly use milk thistle.’
    • ‘She distributes to almost 8,000 customers a monthly newsletter full of notes on everything from anti-aging nutrients to milk thistle.’
    • ‘The detoxification program is started the same day and includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and liver protectors such as milk thistle.’
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      another term for sowthistle