Meaning of milkfish in English:



nounplural noun milkfish, plural noun milkfishes

  • A large active silvery fish of the Indo-Pacific region, farmed for food in SE Asia and the Philippines.

    Chanos chanos, the only member of the family Chanidae

    ‘There's this mythical fish, you see, called a milkfish.’
    • ‘Local fishermen report spotting species like the milkfish, which is rarely found near such small islands.’
    • ‘Furthermore, there is evidence for spontaneous thrombus formation in skipjack and yellowfin tunas, as well as in milkfish.’
    • ‘Kosasih said many of the dead fish were popular with consumers, including milkfish, shrimps, and rays.’
    • ‘The Shark Observatory at Ras Mohammed is a viewpoint on a high promontory from where, years ago, visitors could view large shoals of milkfish with their dorsal fins breaking the surface.’
    • ‘The Council of Agriculture yesterday urged that annual domestic production of milkfish should not exceed 40,000 tonnes in order to maintain reasonable prices and profits.’
    • ‘Only divers knew that these were actually big shoals of milkfish that cruised off-shore.’