Meaning of milking machine in English:

milking machine


  • A machine used to draw milk from a cow or other animal.

    ‘the animals are hooked up to milking machines with timers on them’
    • ‘The automatic milking machines are based on ones already used in Europe.’
    • ‘Electric-powered milking machines and refrigeration transformed milk production.’
    • ‘Dairy farmers learned how electric milking machines would increase the speed of their work.’
    • ‘The costs of milking machines and refrigerated milk storage tanks were often prohibitive.’
    • ‘They used milking machines instead of milking the cows by hand.’
    • ‘The procedure kills bacteria from the cow or the milker or milking machine.’
    • ‘Cows can sometimes kick the milking machine off.’
    • ‘The only sounds at ten in the morning are the hum of the automatic milking machine and the patter of rain on tin roofing.’
    • ‘Milking machines should be fully serviced and tested at least once a year by a qualified milking machine technician.’
    • ‘They had about 20 milk cows; these were milked by hand by Walter and his sons as they felt unable to justify a milking machine.’