Meaning of milky-white in English:



  • Of the opaque white colour of milk.

    ‘girls with milky-white skin’
    • ‘a turquoise sea lapping against milky-white sand’
    • ‘Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, showing the milky-white underside of her eyeballs.’
    • ‘Practically without exception, however, all of them bloom very early in the spring and have milky-white flowers.’
    • ‘The water in front of me beckons with the green-blue milky-white opalescence peculiar to reef shallows.’
    • ‘Afterwards, he told me to be careful, as he took a suspicious little vial from his cabinet, which contained milky-white little pellets.’
    • ‘A milky-white liquid bleeds out of the stems when they are cut.’
    • ‘You will need to decide how white you would like the finished floor to be, as the stain is like a milky-white wash that comes in different concentrations.’
    • ‘A thick dust storm whipped up 7,000 miles away in China's Gobi Desert could hit California's coast today, turning Bay Area skies milky-white and sunsets blazing red.’
    • ‘The beef was beautifully presented on a long oval plate with coins of milky-white daikon radish supporting the rolled slices of beef.’
    • ‘Since ancient Greek times, Brac has also been renowned for its milky-white marble (some of which was used to build the White House in Washington).’
    • ‘We wander down to the lower paddock and pat the milky-white Saanen dairy goats - an all-girl herd of 14.’