Meaning of millennialism in English:


Pronunciation /mɪˈlɛnɪəlɪz(ə)m/


another term for millenarianism
‘Mr. Larsen makes the mistake of equating millennialism with dispensationalism, when the latter is actually a particular type of the former.’
  • ‘What is meant by ‘mitigated’ or ‘mild’ millennialism and by the qualifier ‘safely’ renders the official answer ambiguous as to what variety of millennialism is intended.’
  • ‘Beyond the role of biblical editors, biblical historical criticism also provides insight into other aspects of early American history such as millennialism.’
  • ‘This does not in itself mean that millennialism is right and true.’
  • ‘It should be clear that this is a very different kind of millennialism than the dispensationalist one.’
  • ‘The end of post-millennialism as we've known it, however, does not necessarily mean the end of Christian millennialism.’
  • ‘Living in societies where the clergy were crucial shapers of public opinion, American nationalists adopted the language of millennialism.’
  • ‘Indeed, millennialism is largely a construction of particular perceptions of power and justice; it is a sociomoral scenario in which worldly wrongs will be set right.’
  • ‘This was a time of millennialism, when many of the faithful believed the end of days was nigh.’