Meaning of milometer in English:


Pronunciation /mʌɪˈlɒmɪtə/

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(also mileometer)
  • An instrument on a vehicle for measuring the number of miles travelled.

    ‘Recently, it was improved with the fitting of an electronic milometer, a low-fuel warning light, and, on luxury models, a rev counter and a wash wipe facility for the windscreen.’
    • ‘Clocked means that the mileometer has been wound back to show a lower mileage.’
    • ‘By my mileometer you stay on this road for 7.7 miles.’
    • ‘Coun Miller said: ‘The problem is bikes do not have milometers, so it is nearly impossible to monitor your mileage.’’
    • ‘The loose dashboard trim also hinted that the mileometer might have been tampered with.’
    • ‘The car looked immaculate and the interior was clean and unworn, which could mean the mileage was accurate, although the digits on the speedo didn't quite line up - a telltale sign that the mileometer might have been tampered with.’
    • ‘The process involves winding back the mileometer to give a false mileage.’
    • ‘If the mileage is low but the wear and tear looks heavy or the numbers on the mileometer do not align properly, it may have been.’
    odometer, counter