Meaning of milquetoast in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪlktəʊst/


North American
  • A timid or feeble person.

    ‘Jennings plays him as something of a milquetoast’
    • ‘Alarms ring when Garvin speaks of applying to the Olympic Village design standards like those that produced the Milquetoast, nothing-ventured buildings at Battery Park City.’
    • ‘Enter Ray Rhodes, a highly regarded defensive troubleshooter with a knack for resurrecting Milquetoast units.’
    • ‘Charlie is the self-effacing, Milquetoast dude who allows people to walk all over him.’


North American
  • Feeble, insipid, or bland.

    ‘a soppy, milquetoast composer’
    • ‘he ran a milquetoast campaign’
    • ‘some think he is boring and milquetoast but I like his professionalism’
    • ‘When it is suggested such a show must be "nice" for the family, she indicates the word is too milquetoast to express the family's sentiment.’
    • ‘Nobody would call him a goody-goody, milquetoast politician.’
    • ‘The one small feud that broke out was incredibly milquetoast.’
    • ‘The worst thing you can be is milquetoast.’
    • ‘This milquetoast agreement muddies the conversation.’
    • ‘During an eclipse, a milquetoast flower store clerk discovers an unusual plant.’
    • ‘They are one of America's most inoffensive, milquetoast pop groups.’
    • ‘Since then she has run a measured, milquetoast campaign.’
    • ‘He was the awkward newcomer, the milquetoast stepdad trying to prove himself to his new wife and her two children.’
    • ‘That still sounds too milquetoast to me.’


1930s from the name of a cartoon character, Caspar Milquetoast, created by H. T. Webster in 1924.