Meaning of mind-bender in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪn(d)ˌbɛndə/



See mind-bending

‘In any case, puzzle fanatics will enjoy the many riddles, illusions, cryptograms and other mind-benders offered for analysis.’
  • ‘USA Today opined that ‘not since Memento has a movie served up such a provocative mind-bender, and the Sundance winner by first-time filmmaker Andrew Jarecki has the advantage of being true’.’
  • ‘‘Let It Be Me’ is a real mind-bender: a jangly, roots-acoustic slab of mica that comes out of nowhere.’
  • ‘Another challenge is a bit of a mind-bender: While China's labor costs are dirt cheap, the overall cost of bolting a car together there is anything but.’
  • ‘The Life of David Gale is a cut above the average brain dead thriller, but it's not a mind-bender on par with the likes of Memento.’