Meaning of mind over matter in English:

mind over matter

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  • The use of willpower to overcome physical problems.

    ‘I don't know if it's the pills or mind over matter, but I feel different’
    • ‘In this concrete sense, the starving cult members assert the pre-eminence of mind over matter, wreaking catastrophe in their emaciated wake when the novel's various strands converge climactically in 1960s-style student riots.’
    • ‘Someone once told me that it was just mind over matter and I shouldn't be on drugs, and that if I were strong-minded enough, I wouldn't need them.’
    • ‘Quality over quantity, skill over strength, mind over matter - the comparisons just don't end for Cherwell's heroic 4-2 victory against all the odds.’
    • ‘Your article on mind over matter was interesting, but what a pity that people will not believe things without scientific proof.’
    • ‘Exhaustion, heat rash and blisters, yet on she walked, exerting mind over matter, through the bleak and desolate Sahara Desert.’
    • ‘Later she preferred to see it as her first experiment in mind over matter, a parlour trick in which she had asserted a dominance that never materialised on the sports field or in the classroom.’
    • ‘And there is also his enduring philosophy - dating back to his playing days - of the power of mind over matter.’
    • ‘Call it mind over matter, call it compelling self assured confidence, call it what you like, but I won, and I knew I would.’
    • ‘They go to extraordinary lengths - literally - to demonstrate the achievement of mind over matter.’
    • ‘From all indications, and I don't think it's mind over matter, the leg is now starting to feel a better.’